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Newborn help

Congrats, you did it! Delivered that baby and just brought him/her home. Now let's start breastfeeding. How hard can it be? Hmm.. definitely not a piece of cake. That's why I am here, to get you all the tips and tricks so you can feed your newborn!

Lactation Consultant 

Online video consultation one on one! Get the advice and help you need from the comfort of your own home, at your set time... meaning nights, weekends, and holidays because we know, babies breastfeed constantly, they can't wait.

Prenatal support

Are you expecting your baby and planning on breastfeeding? This program will teach you the real things that you need to know, this is not your classic "Breastfeeding class 101", it is real life advice from experienced lactation consultants and breastfeeding moms.  

Group online meetings

Don't have the finances/resources to get a consultation but you really need help? Join a lactation mastermind group where we will have weekly small group meeting  to discuss how breastfeeding works for you.

Breastfeeding and sleep

Sleep is one of the toughest subjects once a baby comes into your life. Sleep deprivation can lead to anxiety, depression and much more. It is important to learn how to balance taking care of your baby without losing yourself. 

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