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All the scientifically-proven methods, tools, and knowledge

breastfeeding moms must know to exponentially

increase their milk supply.

Milk Maker is an online course that you can complete in one hour and implement over a weekend.  It’s a content-packed course that is designed to help you increase your milk supply and provide knowledge that lets you know when your baby had enough milk like a PRO.


By the end of this program, you’ll be able to...

Increase your milk supply

Stop worrying and start enjoying the benefits of breastfeeding for both you and your baby.

Get that perfect latch

There are multiple reasons why it’s hard for some babies to latch. Different situations require different solutions. Find out what’s yours and say goodbye to nipple pain and engorgement

Pump like a Boss

Put an end to unfruitful pumping. Learn the proper ways to pump and find out the best method for you to produce enough milk for storage.

Read the baby signs

Say farewell to anxiety and doubt. Imagine looking at your baby and knowing exactly when your baby is saying, “alright mom, I have enough milk for now.” Be confident that you are providing the right intake for your baby

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Introducing Milk Maker


Course Content

  1. Supply and Demand Loop - The most fundamental principle only some moms know about

  2. A Good Latch - The key to a make breastfeeding work

  3. Waiting for the “Milk to Come In” - Learn the principle of waiting for the right moment

  4. Feeding and Sleeping Pattern - Get the most optimum sleep to prevent further stresses due to lack of sleep

  5. Growth Spurts and Cluster Feeding - Know when to expect growth spurts and strategies for cluster feeding

  6. A Guide to Bottles & Pacifiers - Expert techniques on when and how to use bottles and pacifiers.


Top 6 secrets every breastfeeding mom must know


  1. Not enough milk supply buster - See what are the common misconceptions on breastfeeding and the scientific explanations behind them like:

  • Soft breasts

  • Don’t feel the letdown

  • Not leaking

  • Breastfeeding too often

  • Cluster feeding

  • Fussy baby- hungry baby

  • Pumping very little

  • Decreased feeding time

  • Bottle after breastfeeding

  1. Red Flags for a low milk intake or milk supply

MilkBusters and Red Flags


  1. Empty the breast more frequently/ Power pumping

  2. Power pump

  3. Breast massage

  4. Hand expression

Galactagogues- lactation cookies, teas, supplements, and more…



  1. Herbs - Which herbs are medically tested and proven

  2. Research - Get access to actual reliable researches about galactagogues

  3. Lactation Cookies

  4. Lactation Drinks

  5. Lactation Supplements

  1. When to pump to get the most milk out 

  2. How to store breastmilk to make your life easier

  3. How to use a suction cup to save milk easier than pumping. 

Galactagogues- lactation cookies, teas, supplements, and more…

Build your freezer stash

Hands-on explanation Videos ($47)

Audio recording ($39)

Cheatsheet- Breastfeeding items must have ($27)

Ensure an endless milk supply Guide ($55)

Take-aways from 18 months of breastfeeding ($29)


What our students say about us

Happy Family

Samantha Davis

The best breastfeeding help you can get! I totally recommend her classes, I was about to quit breastfeeding before I met Nela but fortunately, the information she provided has helped me nurse my baby for over 14 months! It is so important to have that knowledge so you can manage common problems and finally enjoy breastfeeding.


Brenda Jones

In only one month of implementing Nela’s methods, I’ve gone from feeding the baby 3 bottles of formula per day to breastmilk only! I stopped buying formula and washing so many bottles. My baby is gaining weight and I’m not so stressed anymore.

I am proud and so thankful for your help!

It’s the best investment I’ve made! It saved me so much more than what I paid for


Mary Mitchell

We made breast feeding until 1 year!!! Thank you all so much for all of the support and encouragement! Our breast feeding is now coming to an end on our terms! I am so excited we made it this long!!!


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