Breastfeeding Made Easy Course



The ALL-in program that will transform you from a struggling breastfeeding mom to a stress-free lactating SUPERMOM!

Module 1: Preparing for Success

Breastfeeding Goals and Support

Breast Changes During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding After a C-Section

Breastfeeding a NICU baby and/or Twins

Factors that Affect Breastfeeding and its Duration

Why breastfeeding
What it Takes to Make Milk

Module 2: Beginning Breastfeeding

The Magic of Skin to Skin and Colicky Baby Solutions
Breastfeeding Positions 
Hunger cues and Successful Feeding 
Getting the perfect latch
Hand expression and Breast massage
Milk changes during breastfeeding
Vitamin D Supplement, Probiotics and Gripe Water. 

Module 3: Mastering Breastfeeding

How often should I feed my baby?
Am I Making Enough Milk? 
Is my baby getting enough? # Wet and dirty diapers
Will Exercise Affect My Milk Supply?
Medication, Alcohol, Caffeine
Breast Compression and Hand Expression
Nutrition, Diet and Hydration 

Module 4: Pumping and Storing

Pumping basics
Chosing the Right Pump
Getting the Most Milk Out When Pumpin
Milk storing
Choosing and Introducing the Right Baby Bottle.
Returning to work and Breastfeeding 
Traveling with Breastmilk
Latching problems and Suck training 
Jaundice and Hypoglycemia
Nipple Pain and Nipple Shield
Breast Issues
Engorgement and Oversupply
Tongue Tie and Thrush 
How to increase milk production
Low intake Poor weight gain 
Supplementing and Triple feedings
Breastfeeding beyond 6 months
Introducing solid foods
Child-led Weaning & Mother-led Weaning

Module 5: Troubleshooting Breastfeeding


Now is your chance to make your breastfeeding journey the happiest bonding moment with your baby. With this program, you’ll finally say goodbye to any worries, stresses, and problems you have or you’re afraid to have.

When You Enroll Today Get…

  • The Three Bundle Course so you can successfully breastfeed without pain, low milk issue and anxiety. ($997 Value)

  • Private student mastermind with weekly coaching sessions

  • Downloadable Cheat Sheets, Guides, Blueprints and Hands on explanation videos

  • Time and Money Saving Tips Cheatsheet so you can enjoy free time with family and keep money in your pocket ($97 Value)

  • How to Gain Confidence and Breastfeed with Pride Guide so you can build confidence and breastfeed without shame ($147 Value)

  • Lose weight, Avoid Depression and Feel Energized In Your ​Postpartum Body Blueprint so you can enjoy your newborn and feel good in your skin ($197 Value)


Total Value= $1,438

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$297 Today!

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